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Established in Karsiyaka many years ago, our company has been established to serve our customers using Bosch brand appliances or air conditioners. Izmir Karsiyaka Bosch Service provides 1 year warranty technical support to its customers as a result of the services it offers. According to the statistical data, our team, which maintains 34% daily service capacity increased compared to the previous year, continues to serve as the customer of Bosch Service. Our service, which can only provide technical support to certain districts in the first years it serves, is now able to offer service to Bosch devices in Izmir Karsiyaka at 22 points within the same day.The use of technology, which has gained momentum since the Industrial Revolution and is advancing, has reached its highest potential today.The sectors such as communication,automotive,electrical appliances have become the locomotives of the technology age and have become the business lines that come up to today with innovations in front of their customers.The electrical and household appliances sector has become a highly preferred sector by consumers today and has taken its place in the world economy with its large Sunday shares.The Bosch brand, which today has a large share in the Sunday market share of Electrical Appliances, has been in this market for years. yana has maintained its presence in the sector by producing refrigerators,dishwashers,washing machines,air conditioners and today has brought Bosch brand together with consumers in many parts of the world, including our country.The Bosch brand, which sells through various dealers in Karsiyaka today, is still highly preferred by the customers and continues to be the first in the white goods segment in brand preferences.Bosch, which continues its production with its equipped factories and continues its work with a global understanding, today increases its profit margins with its innovations to the demands of its customers. answer provides.Today, Bosch continues to maintain its position in the industry by increasing its product diversity, dazzling with the technology in the devices it produces.
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Karşıyaka Bosch Servisi

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